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When Tree People posts a new page we see a burst of increased readership. This increase lasts for about a week before leveling off to the usual numbers. The majority of readers during this period are our local readers.

But during the long periods between new pages, the majority of our readers are from out of state, and even from out of the country. So far we have registered readers from Britain, Wales, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, China, Brussels, Italy, all of the Scandinavian countries, and many other tree-loving countries.

As our audience has grown we have expanded our outlook and our message. Rather than writing primarily for a local audience, most of our current pages can be enjoyed by people regardless of where they live.

While we appreciate the international attention, and the correspondence that comes with it, we still consider Walla Walla our primary audience. We have added this new section to provide pages of importance for our local readers. Pages in this section will focus directly on local issues.

June 2022

Gayle Foster Bodorff

Thomas Mair

The citizens speak out!

Read a PDF of citizen responses to hatracking.