A Versatile Tree


In 2021 Tree People of Walla Walla published a page expressing our surprise at finding a Bald Cypress, native to the swamps of southeast North America, in our high desert community.

In the summer of 2022 the public utility topped the tree, for reasons unknown. We could no longer feature a tree that had been so disfigured, and we removed the page from this website.

We have since found a number of other Bald Cypresses thriving locally and have restored the page with a few changes.

Most of us have seen images of the southern swamps, with the iconic Bald Cypress trees (Taxodium distichum) standing knee-deep in water. Cypress wood has a smooth grain, is light weight, and is naturally resistant to insects, disease, and water damage. For these reasons bald cypress is desirable, expensive and increasingly rare. Today, due to logging and loss of habitat, the future of this native species has become uncertain.

A healthy Bald Cypress as a yard tree on Studebaker Dr..

Bald cypress produce cones every year, but produce a quantity of viable seeds only every three to five years.

Dressed in her Halloween costume. October 21, 2021

The seeds will fall and germinate under water; however, the water level must remain below the leaves of the emerging seedling for the tree to survive.

Photo by Ame Doyle. “Here are bald cypress I photographed a couple of years ago close my brother’s house in Natchez, MS – I was intrigued by the “knees” which I thought were simply rotted away trunks of dead trees in the population.”

There are a number of other Bald Cypresses in Walla Walla, including these pictured below. Who brought these trees to Walla Walla?

Whitman Athletic Fields
Bald Cypress by Cordiner Glen on Whitman Campus
921 School Ave; Planted by Tom Agnolotti


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