Our Mission

Revised: August 12, 2021

Our trees are part of our history, and of our natural and cultural landscape. Tree People of Walla Walla seeks to secure these ecosystems through promoting best management and conservation practices, lobbying our local governments for their protection, and increasing people’s enjoyment of our old trees.

For guidance and wisdom we look primarily to the British, who over the last 30 years have led the way out of the era of the “Tree Surgeon”. They have led us to an era of conservation arboriculture, where trees can live longer, healthier lives, with less pruning.

Tree People of Walla Walla is indebted to many individuals and organizations, including the original TreePeople (from California). We have borrowed the ideas, and in some cases the words, of organizations such as The Ancient Tree Forum (UK). We hope you will join us in growing the urban canopy, and in return the trees will nourish us.